Our Friends & Partners

Decks are our passion, but our friends and partners make the hard work worthwhile.

You count on us for quality work; we count on these companies for their quality products. What’s a great deck without fantastic friends?

And our creations get noticed!

We’re excited to announce our unbeatable artistry is now featured with Cutting Edge Design and HGTV’s Deck Guru Paul Lafrance. Paul is the host of the hit shows Decked Out, Disaster Decks and Deck Wars. What does it take to stand out to a TV design show? Passion and ingenuity.

At Deckworks, we’re living our dream, and we want to pass it on! We’re proud to offer our services to Siloam Mission, a Winnipeg agency that’s served our impoverished population since 1987.

We also buy mosquito nets for families and purchased a water well; Compassion Canada “Children in Vyuela, Tanzania are plagued with typhoid, cholera, and other water-borne diseases from drinking dirty water. You can provide hundreds of children with clean, safe water by installing a well and water tank at this remote Compassion centre.

“Those who made this possible have touched our vulnerable community. There was a high risk of communicable diseases. Now that we have water, we can drink, wash utensils, clothes, and bodies to improve children’s health.”

- Patrick Kiliwe

Increased skills mean increased heart in all our creations. We encourage our employees to set goals and update their proficiencies so we can offer you the most contemporary materials and innovative techniques.